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Central Cheer provides cheerleading opportunities to athletes of all ages and abilities through competitive teams, recreational training, hosted events and community involvement. Led by volunteers with a strong passion for the sport of cheerleading, Central Cheer is the longest running All-Star Cheerleading club in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our coaches and staff help athletes achieve their full potential by providing a safe, supportive, fun and encouraging atmosphere for all.

All-Star Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing competitive sports in Canada. Cheerleading improves strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination by focusing on stunting, tumbling and dance performed within a two minute & thirty second routine.

Central Cheer follows the IASF/Cheer Canada rules. These standards are used to provide the proper progression of skills from levels 1-6. At placements, our staff takes great pride in the ability to assess each athlete and match them with the team (or teams) to best utilize their skills, increase their abilities, and build confidence.

At Central Cheer, we are a family. Our club values teamwork, friendship and respect. We pride ourselves on the strong bonds each of our teams have. Teamwork really does make our dreams work.

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Unit 8 -130 Midland Street
Winnipeg, MB
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Email: central_cheer@hotmail.com

Phone: (204) 697-0918