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Between fee's, uniforms, competitions, and travel - Central Cheer knows fundraisers are serious business! That's why Central Cheer works hard to offer athletes the opportunity to participate in several (optional) individual fundraisers through out the year. 
From September through February, Central Cheer fully organizes, plans, and runs a monthly fundraiser (or two!) for athletes to participate in. Each fundraiser is completely optional - participate in as few or as many as you wish! Central Cheer provides the information, order forms, and receives and sorts each fundraiser - athletes simply sell and collect their profit.
Almost all of our fundraisers are 100% profit to the athlete with the exception of ticket printing costs or venue rental where applicable - or specific club run initiatives separate from these monthly fundraisers. While some fundraising profit is applied directly to your account, Central also offers fundraisers where profit stays in the athletes pocket for use as per their discretion towards either fee's and uniforms on their account; or external expenses such as travel or cheer gear!

Examples of successful fundraisers we have run are: 

  • Perfect Pierogies
  • Bothwell Cheese
  • Wine Raffles
  • MLCC Gift Card Raffles
  • Pizza & Pasta (similar to a Bud Spud & Steak, but family friendly!)
  • Chocolate Bars
  • My Action Pack coupon books
  • Safeway/Sobeys gift cards
  • Football MB Raffles
  • and MORE!
If you have questions or suggestions for fundraisers - please contact Amanda at


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