2013-2014 Central Cheer Banquet

Most Improved Award

  • Mini Team: Sara Rolle
  • Youth Team: Kayla Delong
  • Junior Team: Angelica Bisson
  • Senior Team: Alicia Smith
  • Senior Team: Stéphanie Pantel
  • Open AG Team: Tricia Lennon
  • Open Coed Team: Anna Amrom

Showmanship Award

  • Mini Team: Tianne Hill
  • Youth Team: Olivia Stiles
  • Junior Team: Jake Selensky
  • Senior Team: Kailey Aguilera
  • Senior Team: Taylor Lennon
  • Open AG Team: Nikki Van Achte
  • Open Coed Team: Jesse Bernard

Rookie of the Year

  • Mini Team: Emma Hasanovic
  • Youth Team Ali Theissen
  • Junior Team: Mariah Lameg
  • Senior Team: Danielle Rabichuk
  • Senior Team: Ashley Baker
  • Open AG Team: Kelsi Holmberg
  • Open Coed Team: Brady Carter

Veteran of the Year

  • Mini Team: Leia Theroux
  • Youth Team: Kara Enns
  • Junior Team: Isabella Macchia
  • Senior Team: Taylor Hallick
  • Senior Team: Robyn Lafrenière
  • Open AG Team: Kandra Rabu
  • Open Coed Team: Stephanie Bergeron


  • Mini Team: Aryanna Hill
  • Youth Team: Ava Troeller
  • Junior Team: Kaitlyn Ambrozik
  • Senior Team: Paige Simon
  • Senior Team: Amanda Yeo
  • Open AG Team: Narissa Padua
  • Open coed Team: Tia Doucette

Keaton Whitaker Inspiration Award 

"Inspiring others while striving for personal excellence through determination, courage and teamwork"

  • Cassie Enright

Athlete of the Year 2014

  • Brietta Passalis

Spirit Award 2014

  • Carla Switzer


$500 Community Leadership Honorarium

  • Cassie Enright


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